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ISO 45001- Don't fear the change.

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Let's face it. Many of us simply do not like change. We are creatures of habit. We drink our coffee the same each day. Listen to the same music. Eat the same foods. Any change to our normal routine can ruin our day. However, when it comes to safety, change can and should be a constant.

A few years ago, I was celebrating a promotion. The manager that promoted me was quick to remind me that "the skills that earned you this promotion are not the skills that will earn you the next." The manager also let me know that I needed a little bit of discomfort in my career as the manager felt "if you are comfortable, you are not learning."

Those two pearls of wisdom have stayed with me for a number of years. Let's face it, that was great advice. Apply it to a safety program. If you are comfortable, you are probably not seeking the next improvement in safety culture. The skills that perhaps have led to a incredible safety record may not be the skills needed to prevent the next accident.

With that said, the new ISO 45001 standard is designed to raise the bar when it comes to preventing accidents. The new standard places a much greater emphasis on reducing risk and protecting workers. ISO 45001 incorporates parts of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to increase the operational efficiency of the company resulting in lower non-production time and lower injury rates. In a global economy, a single international standard will make it easier for global companies to have consistent policies and procedures throughout the organization. Lastly, ISO 45001 will allow for companies to require safety and health programs throughout the supply chain.

ISO 45001 was adopted March 2018. The ISO 14001 standard will 'sunset' in March of 2021. Now is the time to start the transition. Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions can help. Several of our team were members of the technical committee that developed this new gold standard for international safety. Let us know how we can help. 404-240-4147.

Don't let ISO 45001 stress you out!

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