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Our workplace safety and health consulting team offers comprehensive risk management, safety, health, environmental, and regulatory solutions to businesses of all sizes. We customize our services for you and prioritize responsiveness every step of the way.

FPSS experts include proven professionals who have served as Director of Federal OSHA, taught Process Safety Management in colleges, designed safety-specific corporate initiatives, and created world-class safety management systems.

Team with the Nation’s Best and Most Renowned Safety Experts, Who Can

  • Assist with all your regulatory compliance needs, including OSHA and MSHA inspections, hazard identification, and hazard abatement.

  • Consult and develop programs addressing all your safety, health, environmental, and risk management needs.

  • Conduct audits: We offer audits of facilities for compliance to Regulatory Standards such as OSHA, NEC (National Electric Code), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), and ADA (American with Disabilities Act). The purpose of the site safety audit is twofold: to identify deficiencies, hazards, or areas of non-compliance and to provide the client with recommended corrective actions to abate to hazards. The audit protocol contains a review of people, processes, and equipment.

  • Customize training programs for your leaders and employees to make sure your company is not only in compliance with OSHA regulations, but also continuously improving its overall safety program.

Additional Services Include

  • Incidents/Accident Investigation

  • Industrial Health (IH) Monitoring and Testing

  • Safety Incentive Programs

  • Expert Witnesses

  • Online Safety Management Systems

  • Compliance Reporting (Records Management)

  • Health, Wellness, and Ergonomics Programs

With Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions, your organization can achieve ISO 45001 certification at a quicker pace - getting you to your overall strategic goals more efficiently. Call 404.240.4147 to learn more.

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